There are 2 known issues your camera could be outputting a low frame rate.  The first is the wrong compression is selected on your camera. 

  1. Download our AMCAP software available here. You should then be able to go into AMCAP and select your camera from the "Devices" menu. 
  2. Go into "Options" then "Video Device" and then "Capture Format". 

Check the color space compression and make sure it's on MJPEG instead on YUY2. Now adjust the framerate to be as high as possible (it should be 29fps). If that doesn't work, or those options aren't available to you, please follow the steps below.

This problem is easily fixed by associating the correct driver with your HuddleCam. 

  1. Open “Device Manager” (you can type this into the search bar to find it)
  2. Next, you should be able to right click on your “HuddleCamHD” in imaging devices and go to “Update Driver Software…” 

  1. Then you would choose “browse my computer for driver software” 

  1. Now, you would select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” you should be able select “USB Video device” as the only selection available.

  1. Once you have done this, the camera should show up as a USB Video Device in your imaging devices section of device manager.

Your low frame rate issue should be solved!