The HUddlecam 3X does have some issues flipping the image. Certain programs don't allow for the image to flip, or have issue with the image flip. These programs include Skype, GotoMeeting, Webex, and Basically, when you press the REV button it is flipping the image of the camera, but that flip is not being registered in the software. We are currently working on a firmware for the 3x camera where the image would be flipped permanently. This would accommodate anyone who wanted to mount the camera in the ceiling. This firmware should be done sometime before Thanksgiving of 2016. 

If you need to use your camera in the meantime, you can use a free program called Splitcam to flip the image of your camera. This is a Windows only program, and the only MAC equivilant is called Manycam, but that is not a free software ($24.95 for basic version with HD resolutions). If you download Splitcam, you can pull your camera into that program. Splitcam works as a pass thru program where it pulls in our video, you can adjust it, and the pull the output of Splitcam into your video conferencing software. You can set up Splitcam to load on the startup of your PC and choose the correct camera and keep all the settings for that camera, so it does work as a good solution for flipping the image of a camera that could not be flipped otherwise.