If the image from your HuddleCamHD appears to be overexposed please try the steps below to remedy the issue. If you are using a MAC, please connect your camera to a Windows PC and then follow the steps below. Once done, unplug your camera and hook it back up to your MAC. 

  1. Download AMCAP here
  2. Make sure the camera is plugged in to USB and powered on
  3. Make sure no other video programs are open
  4. Launch AMCAP
  5. From the "Devices" drop down menu, please select the camera
  6. You should now see the camera in the preview window
  7. Click on the "Options" menu
    1. Click on "Video Device" option
    2. Select "Properties"
    3. Click the "Default" button at the bottom of the properties window
    4. Click "OK"
  8. The preview window should now show a properly exposed image
  9. You should now be able power down this camera and have it not overexpose anymore. 

(Please Note: you may need to restart the camera first for the new settings to take effect).