* Please note: This is article refers to a free software that has other uses with the HuddleCams. This software is called "Debugger Tool" once downloaded.*

All of the HuddleCams install a virtual COM driver via their USB connection which allows you to control the camera's PTZ functions from a computer using any kind of serial control program. We offer one of these for free that we will use in this guide. Keep in mind, if you would like something a little nicer, you can find a plethora of other programs for this function. 

  1. Plug your camera in via it’s USB connection and connect the power.   
  2. Go to Device Manager, then down to the Ports (COM & LPT) and make sure your camera shows up. It should show up as USB serial adapter or USB-Serial CH340
  3. If it shows up on port 1 through 4, you are good. If not, you need to double click on the USB serial adapter or USB-Serial CH340and the go to the port settings tab, then choose advanced, then choose COM port 1 through 4.
  4. Go here to download our free Remote PTZ software.
  5. If you install it but can't find it, search "Debugger" in your start menu.
  6. Make sure your settings in the software are correct: 9600 Baudrate, Protocol would be VISCA, the port would be whatever port (1 through 4) you set the rs-232 adapter to earlier on.
  7. Once this is done you should have complete control of your camera using the debugger program.

If you do not see your camera listed under the PORTS (COM &LPT) section, you may need to load the driver on the computer. Take a look and see if you have a FT230Uart in your other devices, it should show that it is not working correctly. You can download the driver, and tell Windows to use that driver for this. Just download the driver and extract it, then go to the listing in device manager, right-click and update driver, then choose to tell Windows where to find it. Navigate to the extracted folder and use that driver for this connection.