There is a firmware update available. The first firmware update for this camera requires a few additional

steps, which we will go over below. The HuddleCamHD Tracking Software / firmware upgrade process

requires a Windows PC.

Firmware Update Process

  1. Power on your SimplTrack Lite and connect it to your network.
    • Note: The SimplTrack Lite includes PoE. Do not double-power the camera through DC & PoE.
  1. Install the latest HuddleCamHD Tracking Software ver (click here for the download).
  2. Search the network for your camera in the Online Device section.
  3. Once located, add it to the Device Management section using the Add to Client button.
    1. Click the Add button to confirm adding it to the Device Management section.
  4. Select the camera, then click Remote Configuration, then select the Upgrade tab.
  5. Click the " ... " button to browse your PC for the included firmware file.
    • Note: The firmware file is included in the link below.
  6. After locating the file, click the Upgrade button to apply the firmware.
    • Note: The upgrade process may take a few minutes. The camera will automatically reboot once the upgrade
  7. process is finished.
  8. Select the camera, then click Remote Configuration, then select the UN/PW tab.
  9. Click the Reset button to set the camera to Factory Default Settings.
  10. This will disconnect the camera from the Device Management section. Repeat Steps 3 – 4a to
  11. return the camera to this section.

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully firmware updated your SimplTrack Lite.

SimplTrack Lite Firmware

If you run into any issues along the way, please reach out to our support team:

You can reach them using one of the following methods: