To connect the camera to the Tracking Software, you will first need to make sure it is on the same network range as your PC.  Once confirmed, choose your method of connection below. If your camera is not on the same network range as your PC, follow the instructions in the Assigning an IP Address.


  • Network Search – The Tracking Software is able to search your network for any HuddleView, SimplTrack2, or SimplTrack Lite cameras. Simply click the “Start Search” button from the Online Devices section to begin the search. Once a camera is discovered, you may click “+ Add to Client” to add it to the Device Management section.

  • Manually Adding – Alternatively, you have the ability to manually add a camera to the Device Management section. To do this, click the “+ Add Device” button from the Device Management section. From here, select “Add by IP” or “Add by Import” to determine the connection method.

  • Add by IP – To add a camera by its IP address, you will need to know the camera’s IP address & port number. If the camera has authorization enabled, you will also need the connection username and password (“admin” by default).

  • Add by Import – To add a camera by import, you will need to have an import file already on hand. To produce this import file, click the “+ Add Device” button, then click “Add by Import”. From here, click the “Export Model” button to produce an import.csv file, that can be used by the Tracking Software.