The HuddleCamHD 20x has multiple menus. It has a basic menu in the AMCAP software available here,  for adjusting the frame rate and resolution. The 20x also has 2 on screen displays for adjusting the Lens, and the Dome motors respectively. 

The AMCAP menu is accessible by bringing up the program and going into the options menu. There you will see the  Video Capture Pin option. Through this menu you can adjust 

  • Frame-rate
  • Compression
  • Output Size 

The HuddleCamHD 20x also has 2 OCDs. These are accessed by pressing the blue "Lens" button on your remote, or pressing the green "Dome" button. 

The Lens menu is used for picture adjustment and has the following options

  • Display
  • DZoom
  • Backlight
  • NR (noise reduction)
  • WB (white balance)
  • Rgain
  • Bgain
  • AE (auto exposure)
  • Shutter
  • Iris
  • Brightness

A few things to note: The Rgain and Bgain will not work unless WB (white balance) is set to Manual. Also, the Shutter and Iris will not work unless AE (auto exposure) is set to manual.

The Dome menu is used for motor adjustment and has the following options

  • Pan Speed
  • Tilt Speed
  • Scan Speed
  • Tour Path
  • Tour Dwell
  • Proportion
  • Auto Rev
  • Frame