The HuddleCamHD 12x has multiple menus. It has a basic menu in the AMCAP software, available here, or adjusting the frame rate and resolution. The 12x also has a pretty extensive on screen display.

The AMCAP menu is accessible by bringing up the program and going into the options menu. There you will see the  Video Capture Pin option. Through this menu you can adjust 

  • Frame-rate
  • Compression
  • Output Size 

The HuddleCamHD 12x has 5 basic menu choices with other subsequent options underneath.


  • English
  • Chinese

System Options


  •  Addr
  •  Addr. L
  •  B.Rate 
  •  RS485

Camera Options


 EXP. Mode

  • Shutter
  • Iris
  • Gain
  • Bright

EV. Mode (Exposure Value)

  • Level
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • Level
  • Color
  • WB. Mode (White Balance Mode)
  • R.Gain ( Red Gain)
  • B.Gain (Blue Gain)
  • Gamma
  • Saturation
  • Aperture
  • Flick (Anti Flicker)
  • Contrast
  • Lens
  • Focus
  • NR (Noise Reduction)
  • 2DNR
  • 3DNR

PT Option (Pan/Tilt)

  • Power. Act
  • Speedbyz
  • Mount.Mode
  • Flip. H
  • Flip. V
  • IR M. Speed
  • Z. Speed
  • Min.Speed
  • Scan.Speed

V format (Video Format

  • 1080P 60
  • 1080P 50
  • 1080P 30
  • 1080P 25
  • 720P 60
  • 720P 50
  • 720P 30
  • 720P 25


  • Sys.Reset
  • Cam.Reset
  • PT.Reset
  • All.Reset

There are a few things to note about this OSD. In the Exposure setting in the camera option page, the shutter option only works when EXP.Mode is set to manual or shutter. The iris option only works when EXP.Mode is set to iris or manual. The Gain setting only works when EXP.Mode is set to Manual. 

The EV. Mode option only works when EXP.Mode is not in Manual mode. The level underneath needs EV.Mode to be turned on to use. The level setting underneath WDR needs WDR turned to on for it to be used.

In the color menu under the Camera Options, The R.Gain and B.Gain cannot be adjusted unless WB is in manual mode.