In order to turn on the auto framing on this camera and have it work, you need to set a few things first.

  1. Go to the OSD (On Screen Display) of the camera
  2. Go to the settings section and make sure the EPTZ is turned on. This can also be changed in the IP interface of the camera as well (if using the NDI model)
  3. Go into the IP interface of the camera and make sure all your streams are set to be 1920x1080 at most, apply and reboot. Please note: if any feeds are set to be 4k this will not work. 
  4. Go back into the OSD of the camera and go to settings and turn on the Auto framing, and hit the enter button (OSD enter in app, home button in IP interface and on IR remote control).

This should turn the auto framing on. You can use the Zoom limit to tell the camera how far to zoom in when auto framing.