At this point we have moved on to our HC-Joy G2, so I will go over setting up the G1 unit, and then the G2 unit. If you are unsure which joystick you have, please see the picture below. 

          G1 Unit                           G2 Unit

,blob1478187075657.jpeg    blob1478187085333.jpeg

The HC-Joy G1 can be a little confusing to use at first, but it is actually a very easy device to operate. I made a quick video linked below explaining the different functions as well as showing how to set and call presets. I hope this answers all questions!

The HC-Joy-G2 is an improvement over the G1 unit. The HC-Joy G2 has more functionality as well as an easier to use interface. You can see me go over all the features of this joystick and how to use it in the video link below.